Cat getting a checkup.

Emergency Vets in Eastbourne

Providing emergency vet care in Eastbourne

When something happens out of normal practice hours, every minute spent waiting for the surgery to reopen seems like a lifetime.

If your pet ever needs emergency treatment we have teamed up with Vetsnow a dedicated out of hours clinic in Eastbourne. Their team of emergency vets are available on evenings and weekends and Bank holidays when we are closed.

Simply phone 01323 301292 and Vetsnow will take your calls outside our normal opening hours and offer emergency assistance or free telephone advice. Even if it’s just to put your mind at ease, don’t hesitate to give them a call when we are closed.

Emergency pet care bills can be costly and a shock when not budgeted for. We recommend you take out insurance to spread the costs and make sure you can pay for the help your pet needs when it needs it.

We are available from 8 am to 7 pm every  week day and 8am until 1 pm on Saturdays.

Vetsnow is open from 7pm until 8am every weekday and from 1pm on Saturday until 8am on Monday mornings.

Out Of Hours service fees – Most commonly used

From April 2016Cost inc VAT
Standard consultation (Dog, cat, rabbit)£48.00
OOH Fee before 11pm£114.00
OOH Fee after 11pm160.00
Case transfer referral from member practice (consult/OOH fee)£69.00
Post operative complications (consult/OOH fee)£74.00
Surgery Group 1 (e.g. Exp. Lap., enucleation)£487.00
Surgery Group 2 (e.g. Splenectomy pyometra)£760.00
Surgery Group 3 (e.g. Simple GDV, GI resection)£997.00
Surgery Group 4 (e.g. Complex GDV, septic peritonitis)£1,255.00
General Anaesthesia including induction 0 - 30 mins£114.00
I/V Fluids (inc placing of catheter, giving set and first bag)£122.00
Ultrasonography (brief / single organ)£109.00
Radiography first exposure£153.00
Large dog euthanasia and routine cremation£166.00
Cat euthanasia and routine cremation£125.00
Hospitalisation fees
Admit fee£20.00
Patient care - Stable (per 7 hours or part thereof)£67.00
Patient care - Unstable (per 7 hours or part thereof)£113.00
Patient care - Critical (per 7 hours or part thereof)£172.00