Looking after your pet is easy with our advice

Caring for your pet means making sure they are fit and healthy. We believe prevention is always better than cure, and you can help to maintain your pet’s wellbeing by following our recommended treatments.

Regular health checks

We advise you bring your pet to see us every 6 months. That way, we can diagnose any issues early and nip them in the bud.


Having your animal microchipped means you’ll be able to find them again should they go missing.

Training and socialisation

Make sure your pet mixes well with other animals and humans and is trained for domestic living.


Veterinary bills can be an unforeseen expense when an animal falls ill. Planning ahead with pet insurance means cushioning the financial blow.


Immunisation means vital protection for your pet against often fatal diseases and peace of mind for you.

Regular worming

We recommend your pet is wormed often to protect them against nasty tapeworms, roundworms and – for dogs only – lungworms.

Regular flea treatment

Fleas are a highly unpleasant parasite, greatly affecting you animal’s quality of life.

Tick treatment

If you’re living in an endemic area or are planning to take your pet with you on holiday where they may be at risk, this treatment is vital.