Outside Cobie VetCare.

What You & Your Pet Can Expect When You Visit Us

At Cobie VetCare, it’s our mission to make both you and your pet feel comfortable and relaxed when you come to see us. We’d love you both to pop by and say hello so that your first visit isn’t when something goes wrong with their health.

Our friendly receptionists are here to give you a warm welcome and can help with any questions or concerns you may have.

For safety, we ask that all dogs are on leads and cats in a basket at all times.

Before your pet is due to undergo surgery

To prepare for your pet’s treatment under anaesthetic, you should ensure that they:

    • Are not fed for at least 12 hours before their procedure
    • Are given medication as normal and have this with them
    • Are given plenty of water (except rabbits, birds and small pets, who should not have any water or food withheld before their procedure)
    • Have the opportunity to empty their bowels if needed
    • Are kept indoors during the night before surgery

We understand that, should they be kept in overnight, you are bound to worry. Therefore we will do our best to call you with an update that evening and the following morning.